Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Here's a little story that demonstrates George W. Bush's intelligence, integrity, honesty, and respect for "brown people" all in one.

HAVANA - An indignant Fidel Castro used a live television appearance Monday night to respond to White House charges that his government encourages child prostitution.

Speaking to Florida law enforcement officials on July 16, Bush claimed the Cuban leader shamelessly promotes sex tourism.

“The dictator welcomes sex tourism. Here’s how he bragged about the industry,” said Bush. “This is his quote — ‘Cuba has the cleanest and most educated prostitutes in the world’ and ‘sex tourism is a vital source of hard currency.’”
Three days after Bush’s remarks, the Los Angeles Times reported that the White House found the comments in a Dartmouth undergraduate paper posted on the Internet and lifted them out of context. “It shows they didn’t read much of the article,” commented Charlie Trumbull, the author.

Speaking in 1992 to the Cuban parliament, Castro actually said, “There are prostitutes, but prostitution is not allowed in our country. There are no women forced to sell themselves to a man, to a foreigner, to a tourist.”

He didn't read any of the article Dude. He said "This is what I want to say. Find those words and arrange them the order I need."

On Monday Castro demanded evidence for the attacks on his country. Castro questioned, “How it is possible that such unspeakable, foul slander is hurled against Cuba?”
The answer, said Castro, comes from inside the mind of the president —the subtitle to a book by psychoanalyst Dr. Justin Frank, called “Bush on the Couch.”

How did I miss this book in my summer reading?
Castro quoted Frank, (correctly) who delves into Bush’s professed bout with alcoholism and argues that his history of untreated alcohol abuse could impair his judgment.

Bush, charged Castro, could be having a difficult time “distinguishing between relevant and inconsequential information.”
Wayne Smith, senior fellow at the Center for International Policy and veteran Foreign Service officer who served 6 years in Havana, argued that a government crackdown in 1998 stemmed the “rampant” prostitution that erupted across the island following the collapse of the Soviet Union.

According to Smith, prostitution “is no longer any more of a problem in Cuba than it is in…the United States.”
Smith, an advocate of normalizing relations with Havana, also takes umbrage over Bush’s assertion that Cuba has “replaced Southeast Asia as a destination for pedophiles” and that new controversial travel restrictions to the island aim at curtailing the sexual exploitation of children.

Prostitution attack- another attempt to woo voters?
Bush’s new rules, that took effect June 30, limit Cuban Americans to one visit home every three years, eliminate humanitarian permission to attend funerals or visit dying relatives, and remove extended family like aunts, uncles and cousins from the list of government-approved relatives. Violators are subject to a $65,000 fine.

“What does restricting Cuban-Americans to one visit every three years have to do with reducing prostitution?” asked Smith. “Is Mr. Bush suggesting that their real purpose was not to visit their families on the island but to engage in sex tourism?”

Smith is among the Cuba-watchers who believe that Bush’s strident policy is designed to capture the Cuban American vote this November in the critical state of Florida.

Surely the Cuban-Americans will want to vote for the man who is refusing to let them attend their mother's funeral because he believes they can't restrain themselves from having sex with a child when they touch their native soil.

Saturday, July 24, 2004


Sister's by Lynne Cheney
The 1st 3 chapters anyway.

Ms. Cheney has forgotten she wrote this book (not listing it in any of her more recent books) and when asked, she said she couldn't remember the plot. Well, I believe it, there doesn't seem to be much of a plot to remember, just an excuse for some good old fashioned lesbian erotica.
So many things to forget in this administration.

Bush Woos Black Voters at Urban League
Akron, Ohio Mayor say's, " I think it's a mistake."


"Dick Cheney can be president." George W. Bush

VP Dick Cheney,, Former Halliburton CEO, benefiting from a rich retirement package with the Halliburton for his service. No doubt looking forward to picking up that career if we ever get his ass out of D.C.

"Cheney received almost $180,000 from Halliburton in 2003 alone. [Sources: CNN, 4/13/04; CNN, 10/25/03]

"Three days before a Halliburton subsidiary was awarded a $7 billion no-bid contract to fight oil fires in Iraq, an Army Corps of Engineers official wrote an e-mail saying the award had been ‘coordinated’ with the office of Vice President Cheney, Halliburton's former chief executive.” [Source: Washington Post, 7/2/04]

Secrecy on energy issues began years ago when Vice President Cheney's energy task force met behind closed doors—a controversial process still being debated in the courts.

Now the two Republican chairmen in charge of the energy packages from the House and Senate are behind closed doors again—this time to rewrite the bill themselves without input from Democrats and other critics.

The process defies convention in this capital city.
Republicans say their closed-door process is the only way to wrest a bill out of a Congress that is deeply divided on energy issues.

Rep. Billy Tauzin of Louisiana and Sen. Pete Domenici of New Mexico, the GOP chairmen of the House and Senate energy committees, work out titles of the energy bill in secret. The chairmen first release these drafts to GOP colleagues, then to Democrats and the press.
The last energy bill died in conference during the 107th Congress, after protracted and difficult negotiations. "There were too many meetings, too many offers and counteroffers," said chairman Tauzin on the opening day of the energy conference last month—the last open meeting until conferees are convened to sign an agreement.
GAIL RUSSELL CHADDOCK / Christian Science Monitor 2oct03

"...too many meetings, too many offers and counteroffers"
Can you imagine if this man were to become President how much simpler government would be?
We wouldn't need to think at all.

Again, old news. But this needs to be common knowledge.
The Republicans I know would hate this. If they only knew.

Of course if Rush doesn't say it, they don't know it.

Friday, July 23, 2004


This is over two weeks old and it's still pissing me off.

Ron Fournier THE ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that Kerry has chosen Edwards as his running mate and these are the words he uses
"Obsessed with secrecy, Kerry kept his decision to himself until the last possible minute.."

What the fuck? This is a news story and Fournier just pulled out of his ass his OPINION or FANTASY that Kerry is obsessed with secrecy. I don't even have to tell you that "the last possible minute" would have actually been the 26th-29th at the DNC so that makes absolutely no sense.
Now maybe Fournier doesn't have access to anyone in the Kerry campaign so he couldn't ASK why Kerry kept the decision process private but if he had just watched The Daily Show when Terry McAuliffe, Chair of the Democratic National Committee, was on, he would have known that the reason Kerry wasn't making it a public contest was basically that he didn't want any hurt feelings.
That makes sense.
Now "obsession with secrecy" is not a trait I have been comfortable with in my President for the last 3 1/2 years, so, if you have some factual basis for that statement I would surely like to hear it before November 2nd. If you were just pulling it out of your ass, kindly stuff it back in.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

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Monday, July 12, 2004

According to The Oklahoman the top news in the Nation Today is "News Coverage Veils Campaigns: Study suggests John Kerry needs to establish his identity with the public." The "Hot Topic"? "Hamilton, Burr Face Off Again"
I guess the fact that the case Bush made for sending thousands of people to their deaths in Iraq has turned out to be based on the word of one man who
"was an alcoholic and utterly useless as a source"
is just old news to the Oklahoman. They didn't deem it worth reporting on today. So the people that rely on The Oklahoman for their news will never know that the Pentagon intelligence analyst, the only person inside the U.S. government that had ever actually spoken to the informant, wrote an urgent e-mail to a top CIA official warning that there were even questions about whether Curve Ball (the informant)
"was who he said he was."
and recieved this reply.
"Let's keep in mind the fact that this war's going to happen regardless of what Curve Ball said or didn't say," he wrote. "The Powers That Be probably aren't terribly interested in whether Curve Ball knows what he's talking about."

They will never know that
"the committee found, U.S. intelligence officials repeatedly embellished fragmentary and ambiguous pieces of evidence, making the danger posed by Iraq appear far more urgent than it actually was."

They will never know that,
"Taken together, the facts in the report show that virtually every major claim President George W. Bush used to justify the invasion of Iraq—from Saddam's growing nuclear program to his close ties with Al Qaeda—was either wrong or exaggerated."

I hope Kerry will use this in an ad so they might know,
"Leading up to September 11, our government didn't connect the dots," said Sen. John D. Rockefeller IV, the ranking Democrat on the committee. "In Iraq we are even more culpable, because the dots themselves never existed."

"The president showed no signs of having had any second thoughts about the wisdom of the invasion."

Yes, He would have had to have had first thoughts in order for there to have been seconds.

But at least Oklahomans know that Hamilton missed, again.


Asked Sunday about her husband's stand on gay marriage in 2004, Lynne Cheney said, "I thought that the formulation he used in 2000 was very good.

"First of all, to be clear that people should be free to enter into their relationships that they choose. And, secondly, to recognize what's historically been the situation, that when it comes to conferring legal status on relationships, that is a matter left to the states," she said.

The vice president's press office had no immediate comment Sunday.

Monday morning the vice president's press office announced that Lynne Cheney is addicted to prescription drugs (perfectly acceptable to the GOP) and has checked into the Betty Ford Center for treatment.

In what could be viewed as a desperation attempt to hold on to the presidency, the Bush administration is preparing plans to postpone the November presidential elections by claiming the threat of a terrorist attack would disrupt the process.

Sources within the Department of Homeland Security confirm the agency is preparing "legal steps" to postpone the election and can do so at a moments notice when the orders come from the White House. Michael Isikoff of Newsweek magazine is also confirming this in this week's edition.

In other news, George W. Bush announces that he has already held a surprise election, in an effort to thwart the evil-doers, and he got 100% of the votes.

Friday, July 09, 2004

Bush in 41.2 Seconds

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Buckets of rain
Buckets of tears
Got all them buckets comin' out of my ears.
Buckets of moonbeams in my hand,
I got all the love, honey baby,
You can stand.

Talking to the Rain.