Tuesday, June 29, 2004

1 million $30,000.00 a year jobs-We've been robbed again

"People are finding work in this country. The tax relief we passed is working."
George W. Bush, Miserable Failure

$749.1 billion (cost of tax cuts, 2001-2004)

/ 860,000 jobs

= $871,046 per job

Sunday, June 27, 2004

The first cheer was when the theatre manager announced that this film was sold out. I'm glad I went to see it. Even though I knew most of the information he was passing on (I would have included a lot more but MY movie would have lasted 5 or 6 hours) he connected all the dots and showed the way it really played out. Some was very painful to watch. I wasn't laughing in the spots where everyone seemed to be laughing. I guess I've lost some sense of humor. It's not funny for me to watch Bush display his imbecility.
Not everyone stood and cheered at the end (this is Oklahoma) but most of us did. The biggest cheer came, just as people were picking up their purses and preparing to leave, when one fellow with a big voice commanded us all to "GO VOTE!"
So, now I'm going to a Move On gathering. It sometimes seems useless to try to do anything here but the votes were much closer in 2000 than anyone seems to worry about. Maybe we could make OKlahoma a Swing State.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Thank you for ordering tickets from MovieTickets.com!

Your Tracking Number is ********-1643****
Your Movie: ........... Fahrenheit 9/11 R
Showtime: ............. 7:20pm, the evening of Friday, June 25, 2004

I know it's just "Liberals talking to themselves" (according to John Harwood), but I want to see these other Liberals. I want to sit in the same theatre and comment outloud with them. I wonder if I should take any props with me? You know, like for The Rocky Horror Picture Show you'd take a newspaper for the rain scene, toasted bread for the toast scene.

Monday, June 21, 2004

Scalia does not depend on an HMO
WASHINGTON, June 21 — The Supreme Court ruled unanimously today, that patients cannot use state courts to sue H.M.O.'s for malpractice when treatment recommended by their doctors is withheld.
The decision rejected the arguments of lawyers for Juan Davila. Mr. Davila was prescribed Vioxx by his doctor for arthritis but was required under his Aetna health plan to try less expensive medications first. One of those caused severe internal bleeding.
"To say that the plan condemned them to not using Vioxx is simply not true," Justice Antonin Scalia told George P. Young, a lawyer for the patients. "All you're talking about here is money."
"Well," Mr. Young replied, "the truth is, your honor, that neither of these claimants would have needed health insurance if they had the independent means to just whip out a gold card and pay for the drug."

I'm sure Cheney takes care of all his bills.
12 weeks old

Thanks for the tye-dye Cousin

Saturday, June 19, 2004

The Bush Hearing: Part 84
Just days before the Food and Drug Administration rejected an application to make the emergency contraceptive Plan B available without a prescription, top agency scientists dismissed the reasoning that was used to justify the rejection as unfounded, internal agency documents reveal.

The documents, which contain the scientific conclusions of three separate levels of FDA reviewers, show that the scientists disagreed in particular with the contention that there was not enough information to assess how easier availability of the drug would affect the sexual behavior of young teenagers. That was the primary reason given for the FDA's dismissal of the application as "non-approvable."

Senator Clinton is now requesting a Senate Hearing and General Accounting. The Hearings should just be scheduled as soon as the appointments are made in this administration. I wonder if these self-limited puritans ever see a correlation between themselves and the "evil" Islamic fundamentalists that are our enemies. I'm sure not. Ahhh, to be an ideologist. Something I'm finally starting to understand.
It's not a word you can just look up. You have to talk to one till you're blue in the face, finally make some headway with your facts to their guts and then, next day, be right back where you started. Rinse, Repeat.
It's what's easiest for them. They don't have to think. Hell, I've flirted with it myself. The thing is, if more of us speak openly the truth, the more accepted it is, it becomes the easiest thing for them. VoilĂ !

Thursday, June 17, 2004

One, Two, Three Strikes! You're Out!
NBC News has learned that long before the war the Bush administration had several chances to wipe out his terrorist operation and perhaps kill Zarqawi himself — but never pulled the trigger.
The Pentagon drew up a second strike plan, and the White House again killed it. By then the administration had set its course for war with Iraq.
The Pentagon drew up still another attack plan, and for the third time, the National Security Council killed it.
Military officials insist their case for attacking Zarqawi’s operation was airtight, but the administration feared destroying the terrorist camp in Iraq could undercut its case for war against Saddam.

The United States did attack the camp at Kirma at the beginning of the war, but it was too late — Zarqawi and many of his followers were gone. “Here’s a case where they waited, they waited too long and now we’re suffering as a result inside Iraq,” Cressey added.

And despite the Bush administration’s tough talk about hitting the terrorists before they strike, Zarqawi’s killing streak continues today.

You'd think Bush would be embarrassed to start blaming everything that's happening in Iraq now on Zarqawi considering, he had three fuckin' excellent chances to take him out!
Stop The Fraud


June 16, 2004

While many people are celebrating the Supreme Court's decision on Monday to dismiss a lower-court ruling that deemed as unconstitutional the phrase "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance, some of the leading warriors in the fight are not that happy about the route the justices took.

The two-word phrase is secure in the Pledge -- for now -- after the high court ruled 8-0 that Michael Newdow, the plaintiff in the case, had no standing in the case he launched on behalf of his daughter because he does not have custody of the young child. The California atheist had challenged the inclusion of "under God," which was added to the oath in 1954 by Congress.

But in a surprise move, Justice Antonin Scalia recused himself from the case...Michael A. Newdow, the atheist opponent of the pledge who is acting as his own lawyer, filed papers Sept. 9 with the Supreme Court, asking Scalia to bow out because the justice had spoken critically of the 9th Circuit ruling at a Religious Freedom Day event Jan. 12 in Fredericksburg.

On that occasion, Scalia cited the 9th Circuit decision as an example of what he considered mistaken attempts to "exclude God from the public forums and from political life."

Newdow, of California, argued that this violated the code of conduct for United States judges, which says that "a judge should avoid public comment on the merits of a pending or impending action."

"Under such circumstances . . . one might reasonably question his impartiality," Newdow wrote.

Legal analysts said that, if Scalia's recusal was prompted by his comments, it would be an extremely rare occurrence on a court whose justices generally avoid even indirect public references to possible cases.

I'll say it's a surprise! Hell Scalia won't recuse himself after he's slept with the primaries in a case. We all know what happens on those hunting trips.
Youth Minister from "Church of Bush" shows what this country is all about! See the video.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

I jinxed myself by saying I would have some free time. Among other things that have come up, everyone and their brother want sandals for their beach wedding, in 3 days! Whatever happened to planning ahead? I have had some time on the road though, and that means time to read.
The Price of Loyalty: George W. Bush, the White House and the Education of Paul O'Neill by Ron Suskind was a good start on summer reading. Bush appointed Paul O'Neill Treasury Secretary and then fired him two years later because Bush and his cohorts are allergic to the truth and O'Neill is too old and rich to be afraid to tell it. His descriptions of his meetings with our president are absolutely chilling. There's nothing there folks. If you gave him a penny for his thoughts, you'd get change. O'Neill has a great memory and backs it up with documents drawn from a collection of 19,000 files.
O'Neill remembers that 10 days into this administration, at the 1st meeting of the National Security Council, "Getting Hussein was now the administration's focus. From the start, we were building the case against Hussein and looking at how we could take him out and change Iraq into a new country. And, if we did that, it would solve everything. It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it--the president saying, 'Fine. Go find me a way to do this.'"
I just started Molly Ivins Bushwhacked. It's too infuriating to be funny but I did laugh at this little gem she quoted from William Brann " The trouble with our Texas Baptists is that we do not hold them under water long enough." ha! That goes for our Oklahoma Baptists too.

Friday, June 04, 2004

This, alone, got him on my daily read list but there is a lot more.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Sorry Ricky, but how can I be anything but happy when this is what I see before I leave for work?

Wednesday, June 02, 2004


We Won!
Yesterday, Federal District Court Judge Phyllis J. Hamilton handed Planned Parenthood and women everywhere a huge victory as she ruled that the federal abortion ban passed by Congress and signed into law by President Bush last year is unconstitutional and cannot be enforced.

How much money did our Right Wing Constitution Hating Government waste on this effort I wonder. It was just a battle, we are in the war as long as there are pro-life, pro death sentence, anti stem cell research hypocrites trying to control the lives (and deaths) of everyone in the USA. The Food and Drug Administration has rejected making Plan B emergency contraception available over the counter. So Call for the Resignation of Acting FDA Commissioner and consider it your invitation to the internment camp should Bush steal another election. See you there.
Trouble in Paradise?