Saturday, June 19, 2004

The Bush Hearing: Part 84
Just days before the Food and Drug Administration rejected an application to make the emergency contraceptive Plan B available without a prescription, top agency scientists dismissed the reasoning that was used to justify the rejection as unfounded, internal agency documents reveal.

The documents, which contain the scientific conclusions of three separate levels of FDA reviewers, show that the scientists disagreed in particular with the contention that there was not enough information to assess how easier availability of the drug would affect the sexual behavior of young teenagers. That was the primary reason given for the FDA's dismissal of the application as "non-approvable."

Senator Clinton is now requesting a Senate Hearing and General Accounting. The Hearings should just be scheduled as soon as the appointments are made in this administration. I wonder if these self-limited puritans ever see a correlation between themselves and the "evil" Islamic fundamentalists that are our enemies. I'm sure not. Ahhh, to be an ideologist. Something I'm finally starting to understand.
It's not a word you can just look up. You have to talk to one till you're blue in the face, finally make some headway with your facts to their guts and then, next day, be right back where you started. Rinse, Repeat.
It's what's easiest for them. They don't have to think. Hell, I've flirted with it myself. The thing is, if more of us speak openly the truth, the more accepted it is, it becomes the easiest thing for them. VoilĂ !

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