Monday, December 13, 2004

I can't keep up anymore. Christmas is such a hassle. My boss is off more often than not, leaving me to do his job AND mine. Plus I have to organize all the Christmas crap at work. Everyone else is goofing off but I have to get payroll out twice in one month! Relatives are visiting and leaving their dogs with me while they take a 10 day cruise! Young women are still having beach weddings and pleading for barefoot sandals. (I tried not taking any orders till after Christmas, but they beg) And to top it off, someone gave me something sardonicly called "Amish Friendship Bread". It's dough with instructions for caring and feeding for 10 days and on the 11th day there's a ridiculously complicated process of separating and sharing and baking that only an Amish Woman with no other life would have time to accomplish! And then you fucking start all over so you're fucking baking this bread every 11th day for the rest of your fucking life! Friendship my ass! The card should have said "Here's another responsibility you can't possibly live up to and our friendship depends on the life of this dough." This is why I don't have friends.


  1. Anonymous7:04 AM

    Oh dear, you sound stressed. If the someone who gave you that bread won't be offended, could you pass it back or on to someone else (who has the time)? Actually, if they *are* offended then they aren't a true friend so pfft. Will you be able to have a few days holiday at Christmas/New Year?


  2. Daisy, If I can just make it through Friday evening, I get 17 DAYS off! I'll just shut my office door and do the "Sun Salutation" a few times a day and I'll be OK.

  3. I am SO WITH YOU on the friendship bread business! What a burden.

  4. Anonymous3:55 PM

    Time to pass the "friendship" bread on to another friend!!! Naybe that's why you got it. The stress is unbelievable, isn't it? I just let it all go. And I don't have any friends, either.

  5. Well, you've got one in Oklahoma Ellen. Too far away to be a pain in the ass and I swear, I will never send you anything that has to be fed, watered or baked.