Friday, June 10, 2005

Last night Jess and I went to a showing of Mad Hot Ballroom. It's one of the films showing at the deadCENTER Film Festival here in Oklahoma City. Aside from really enjoying the film, I have always loved Downtown OKC and it has just gotten better and better. The weather is great more often than not. You can always find a place to park, not too far away and you always feel safe walking. You have to pay for parking in Bricktown but you can park for free Downtown and just stroll on over. They had a lovely fireworks display for us when we came out of the theatre too. Fireworks displays are a fairly common way to top off any celebration here and I love them but, I do wish they would shorten them to about 3 minutes. If you can ignore the GOPidiots, Oklahoma can be a really nice place to live. Or visit.

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