Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Dear Daisy,
I have this Rush Limbaugh loving Republican cousin in California that I am having a little problem with.
He's been sending me right wing "Bush is God" crap for a while. As tactfully as possible I let him know that he and I do not agree politically and though it was nice being in touch after all these, no make that, after our entire lives, that I thought it would be best if we stuck to exchanging jokes and family news. First he lectured me " Iwtbad, a president can only do what he thinks is right. They can't be every thing to every one. Hell I didn't like Clinton but he did do some things right." I wrote him back saying that the only thing he and I were likely to agree on was that 'Clinton did do some things right' and included a little joke as an example of how pleasant things could be. So he sent me this.
With Herculean effort, I fought the urge to write him that I had been sobbing all day and, of course, he is right, Bush is God and, I am truly a Republican. I only needed him to show me the light. Instead, I cooled down a couple of days and then sent him some very funny, non political jokes. He responded with A Cowboy in the White House

I am so pissed off I could spit!! In other words, I am unreasonably angry with this moronic cousin. I'm afraid if I try to reply to him I may burst a blood vessel and will certainly spontaneously be divorced from several members of my original family.
You and your fellow bloggers are so clever, I thought one or more of you might like to take a crack at this crock.
I have no idea how (or if) I will respond to the rat bastard cousin but I can tell you that I will never waste a good joke on him again.

If you've gotten this far, then thanks for for listening to me rant. If you haven't, then you missed this.

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