Sunday, March 28, 2004

In the comments of the previous post, Ricky makes some excellent points. I've never heard it put that way and I'm going to be using it a lot. A "right-thinking" friend wrote, "Where are the men's rights? A woman's rights end at conception. She has the right to use birth control and to abstain and if she doesn't exercise those rights she should live with the consequences." (I know, it's a struggle to keep friendships alive in these trying times).
Here are the man's rights. He has the right to use birthcontrol, he has the right to not have sex with women that won't want have his child. If he chooses not to exercise these rights he must live with the consequences.

I did have that tubal ligation. I was just strong enough, just smart enough, had just enough self esteem to go to this man's Commander (I can't explain but it was something you just did not do) and tell him that they would perform the tubal or they would pay for me to have it elsewhere. He picked up the phone and scheduled the surgery that moment.
So many young women would have caved under this man's self-assured authority. I was so close to being one of them.
While preparing for surgery, a tech brought in some of the forms I had filled out and said, "Your husband needs to sign this one." That poor guy got such a look from me, it may not have killed him but I bet he walks with a limp to this day. The Dr. (a new one), said " that won't be necessary".

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