Saturday, March 13, 2004

Plan A for abstinence, Plan B for better contraception and, the Bush Plan C for Coathanger.

ELLEN GOODMAN-Houston Chronicle
For one brief moment it looked like the Food and Drug Administration actually was going to weigh the evidence on an objective scale. In December, an advisory panel voted 24-3 to recommend that emergency contraception be sold over the counter and without a prescription. It looked like a done deal.
But after the FDA advisory committee agreed that it was safe to sell Plan B over the counter, there was a flurry of letters from conservative members of Congress. "The new fight,' " says a frustrated Kirsten Moore, president of the Reproductive Health Technologies Project, "is that it will lead to teenage promiscuity." The FDA has chosen to "review" this question for as long as another trimester. Do I hear the beakers of science crashing again on the administration's floor?

I think we should all pray on it. I'm going to pray that we get that rat bastard Bush out of the White House before the rich bitch wives and daughters of him and his holier than thou cronies are once again the only women in America with access to safe abortions.

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