Tuesday, September 07, 2004

A graphic protest against abortion can be seen on the streets of Oklahoma City this week on the sides of a fleet of box-body-trucks displaying aborted human embryos and early fetuses.

The group responsible calls themselves the "Center for Bio-Ethical Reform." Oklahoma is the 14th state of 22 the organization plans to visit. They're hoping voters will choose the presidential candidate they say will bring an end to abortion.

"We get a lot of shocked looks and the reaction we want is one that provokes deep thought and discussion in one's mind," said Stephanie Gray, spokeswoman for the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform. "We're hoping people will change their minds."

You think the 4 year old leaving the park with her mom will change her mind about voting for Kerry because of your sick, perverted, egocentric display. Seriously, what are you doing here? Are you idiots that you don't know Oklahoma votes Republican or did you just want center stage among your peers?
The people here aren't as stupid as you obviously think they are. They don't need you to tell them who they should vote for with your hateful campaign. Even the Bushies think you are a sick waste.

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