Wednesday, September 15, 2004

___________________________________________________________________________________________The State of the Union
-- OKLAHOMA CITY Delta Airlines has cut all flights from Oklahoma City and Tulsa to Dallas Ft. Worth. Less seats will surely drive the price up, causing more people to find alternate means of travel. (Getting a flight was such a hassle last weekend we put my mother-in-law on a bus). Thus, kicking the airline industry while it is down.
Retail sales are down, car sales are down, the deficit hit a new record of $166.2-billion (U.S.) in the second quarter.
And Alan Greenspan says getting more people to sign up for direct deposit will save Social Security!
What will life be like for my grandson Mr. Bush? Will he be giving half of his wages to Social Security and 1/4 of his wages to his private retirement account because there won't be any social security for him?!
Please God send this Lying, cowardly, Thief back to where he came from so that we can try to recover from this nightmare.

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