Friday, November 12, 2004

State Takeover Of Free Airwaves Begins
Good to know where KOCO and ABC stands.

KOCO Will Not Air 'Saving Private Ryan'
A Statement From KOCO-TV's
President And General Manager
"It has been a subject of considerable
discussion within our station as to whether 'Saving Private Ryan' is
appropriate for broadcast prior to 9 p.m.
The movie has been recommended by the motion picture industry itself for mature audiences only due to its language and violent content.
Recent discussions by the Federal Communications Commission
have established new legal standards for what broadcast stations may and may not
broadcast prior to 9 p.m.
Until the FCC or the courts clarify those legal standards, we are left guessing as to
whether the artistic, social or historical significance of programs such as
'Saving Private Ryan' is sufficient to insulate us from liability. We have
an obligation to our viewers, as well, to consider our local market and how
best to serve them.
We asked ABC for permission to air 'Saving Private Ryan' at 10:35 p.m. to broadcast it in the 'safe harbor' time period established by the FCC and, to our disappointment, were refused. As
a result, we were left with the only alternative to preempt the show.
We regret that decision by ABC since this movie possesses significant artistic,
social and historical value and its presentation on Veterans Day -- at a time
when our nation is at war -- is a fitting tribute to the coverage and honor of
those who so bravely serve and have served in the defense of our nation’s
Brent HensleyPresident, General

You should have aired it anyway! Have some balls for godsakes!

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