Thursday, February 10, 2005

Am I the only person that heard Rummy say this? When Democrats pointed out that the cost of the war was, once again, left out of the budget...

"No way in the world, anybody, a family, a business, eh, this government can pla-an that way, that well, over that long a period of time. It's just not possible-so what do you do? You have supplementals for those things that are of an emergency nature."

OK, so.. by Rummy's logic, I cannot possibly figure my car payment into my budget for the next year, much less, the next three years. Even though I bought it two years ago and (unless I win the lotto) will be paying on it for three more years. So I'm going to need "supplementals" to cover the car payment. So what? I just ask the people that were stupid enough to hire me, the one's that give me a contract every year so I'll know how much money I have to work with, to give me an extra $500.00 every month because it is fucking impossible to figure this into my budget.
Are we all retarded?

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