Saturday, April 16, 2005

I accidentally turned on NPR yesterday and, it's a good thing or I might not have known that the definition of the word "unethical" had officially been changed. Use to be, you were being unethical if you violated the rules of ethics. Now, you're just stupid and moronic which, the Bush Administration has always been proud to admit to.
The report also said two Education Department officials had warned the White House last summer about concerns, including the "inherent conflict" of paying a pundit to endorse the president's education law.

David Dunn, then-special assistant to the president for domestic policy, agreed with the concerns, yet neither the White House nor the department halted the contract until it was disclosed by the news media in January.

So Bush knew about it and kept it going for 6, 7, 8 months. Till he got caught.
Bush has said the hiring of Williams was wrong and that the White House did not know in advance that a pundit had been hired. Spellings said Friday that description is true.

I bet he could pass a lie detector on that one. He didn't know it was "Williams" "in advance".
What do you actually have to do to be considered unethical in this administration?
Naahh. Just Expendable.

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