Friday, April 22, 2005

Today I'm wearing "poured in her britches, boy they're tight" hiphugger jeans and they just make me go naturally into that left hip out, right foot pigeon-toed to the point of looking deformed, stance. Did all 13 year girls have to perfect that stance in the 70's or was it just at Jackson Jr High? We bought bell bottoms at the Army Navy and then we turned them inside out and took the inseam up another inch so they would be tighter and lower. Now you can just buy them that way. I see tapered legs are coming back into the stores now. I don't look good in tapered legs.

My top, #1 song of all time, the one that never gets old for me, has been taken over by the Bush Administration in my mind. Of all the crimes he has committed, this is certainly the most heinous.

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