Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I keep hearing that there's no indication that we would get more assistance from other countries (in IRAQ) if Kerry is elected. No President or Prime Minister has come out and said "We're not lifting a finger to help the U. S. out of this cluster fuck until they get rid of that moron Bush." And thank God they haven't because the spin on that would be devastating. But... isn't this a, not so subtle, message to that effect? Come on, the timing couldn't be more pointed!

Poland said that it aims to withdraw all of its 2,500 troops from Iraq (news
web sites) during the course of next year, a major disappointment for Washington
which sees Warsaw as one of its staunchest allies in Iraq.

Of course, I read the news at BottleofBlog, it's not one of the headlines on any of the news sources I have on my homepage, (Reuters, AP, MSNBC, Washington Post, NY Times and the Oklahoman) so who's going to get the message? I know B-o-B has a lot of readers but I don't think many of them are the Republicans that need to know this shit.

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