Thursday, October 21, 2004

Oct. 22, 2004 | Friday night brings to a conclusion the fiercest media battle of the presidential campaign, when 40 of the Sinclair Broadcast Group's 62 stations nationwide air a special program about the media and Vietnam War POWs. The show is likely to include generous portions of an anti-Kerry attack film, "Stolen Honor," that Sinclair executives had originally intended to air in its entirety just days before the election. In the face of lawsuits by stockholders, loss of advertising, questions about its abuse of the public airwaves and a falling stock price, however, Sinclair quickly cobbled together a revised program.

I know it's not total victory but, I think my e-mail to Corona must have really scared them. In the face of losing my business, they put the screws to SBG, I just know it. Thank you Corona, we're still friends.

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