Saturday, May 07, 2005

Here we are in the land of Oklahomophobia, where Summer has turned to Spring and back to Summer. I have emerged, victorious, from a mountain of work to find the rest of the world still bass-akwards. I have received yet another letter from Senator Coburn, thanking me for for writing him (once), about the importance of our judicial nominees.
Thank you Senator Coburn, for killing the trees instead of using e-mail and, being an all around dickhead that's wrong about almost everything. No, I mean everything, wrong about everything.
Now back to my victory. I didn't climb the outside of the mountain with the advantages of exercise, fresh air and exciting danger. No, I took the Hobbit path, through the dirty, scary underbelly of the mountain where I met trolls aplenty. I came across Gollum several times in my quest and I kicked the annoying fuckers ass. Now all the trouble makers have straightened up or, been banished. Well, not all, but they all know it's coming.
There is so much still to do but I hope I'll have more time to read y'all's blogs and write here occasionally. Any of you that have ever been in a position to hire and fire people, let me know so I can get advice from you.

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