Saturday, May 07, 2005

Really Important Stuff

My Daughter is graduating from OU next weekend! I am so proud of her! Many family members are coming up to share the proud moment and take their share of credit for her brilliant genes. The occasion will not be marred in any way by the choice of Commencment Speaker. It could have been so much worse and my Republican friend is not coming till the next day graduation ceremony because, in her words, "I hate John McCain", so he can't be too bad. At first I thought it was going to be Edwin McCain and that seemed sad so this is a step up. I know some of you will disagree. Go ahead, you can't bring me down, I'm just so tickled and thrilled.
Besides, she'll be starting Graduate School in the fall so in a few years I expect I'll be able to tell you that President Hillary Rodham Clinton is giving the Commencment Address.

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