Wednesday, February 25, 2004

E-mail from a Republican.

Oh well, I can assume that you and I will continue to look at world events and politics thru the tainted filters of our life experience. If Bush found the cure for cancer, you would bash him as a racist for not curing 'sickle cell" first!

A woman's right begins before conception. The right to refuse, the right to use multiple forms of contraception, the right to abstain. I would love to believe that abortions were only used when the mother/childs heath is in danger, or cases of rape. I've heard too many women discuss their serial abortions like it was the god damn morning-after pill!
Where is a man's right in the decision to keep his child? Equal rights? lets have it.

Just got back from Austin, took the time to tour the Texas State History Museum. I found it very entertaining that the newly formed republican party of the mid 1800's were so proactive in involving the newly freed slaves in appointing positions for the 'freemen' in government jobs/positions, but as soon as the Democrats resumed control, all the progressive legislation was repealed, and the Demos held control for the next 100 years.......hmm, just kinda interesting.
I'll check out the blade

I checked out the "blade". Where do you find this stuff? Is it circulated by the yellow-dog-demo email club?
I took a quick look at the editorial pages, it wasn't hard to see which way this paper leans...or leaps I should say.

...and 9-11 illustrates Clintons foreign policies!

You actually read that book.....Mr. Franken may be entertaining (he is a comedian) but informative? I doubt it.

I'll read soon as I'm done with "It takes a village".

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