Tuesday, February 24, 2004

hometown news

Oklahoma Gazette 15 January 2004
State Rep. Bill Graves, R-Oklahoma City, plans to file not one, but two measures to outlaw gay marriages and civil unions. Graves is of the opinion that homosexuality is an "abomination in God's eyes" (Hey if heteros don't fight to keep marriage to themselves, then everyone will think they're entitled to years of domestic hell followed by a soul-shattering divorce.)
One of the measures would amend a state law that already bans gay marriages, but strengthen it against "Judicial excess" as Graves calls it.
Graves also wants to change the Oklahoma Constitution to make it clear that homosexual marriages will not have any legal status. He wants the law to clarify that same-sex marital bliss is "repugnant to the public policy" of the state.

I would think "judicial excess" would be filing TWO measures AND changing the State Constitution to outlaw something that is ALREADY banned.

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