Wednesday, February 18, 2004
Destructive fine print is showing through the budgetary bandwagon President Bush has designed for his re-election drive. It turns out that hundreds of thousands of poor and low-income families will lose child care and housing assistance if the administration's ballyhooed spending cuts take effect. In trying to campaign as a late-blooming fiscal disciplinarian, the president is making a show of marking 128 programs — count 'em, G.O.P. budget hawks, 128 — for elimination or cutbacks in many vital social service areas. As if they are at the heart of the administration's rolling deficits, which threaten the nation's economic future.

The savings from the draconian budget theatrics would total no more than $4.9 billion. This is less than 1 percent of the record $521 billion deficit Mr. Bush helped create with tax cuts weighted toward the affluent (whose top 1 percent will net a $45 billion boon in this year alone). The real costs of such shabby budget politics would affect programs like housing vouchers. These would be cut $1.7 billion below what's needed to maintain the two million people getting help. Depending on localities' responses, this cut could mean the denial of vouchers to 250,000 of the impoverished, elderly and disabled.
Read the rest. It's amazing.
Who is this guy campaigning too? Is there someone out there that thinks this is a good idea?

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