Friday, May 14, 2004

Josh Marshall writes about George Bush's lack of interest in the news as noted in an article on Bill Sammon's new insider account of the Bush presidency, Misunderestimated: The President Battles Terrorism, John Kerry and the Bush Haters. (emphasis added)
"He does not dwell on the newspaper, but he reads the sports page every day," Mr. Card said with a chuckle.

Bush explains why it's best he doesn't show any interest in the thoughts, feelings, lives of the American people, all those things he might come across in the news sections of the newspaper...
"I like to have a clear outlook," he said.

Josh says it best's one thing to fall short of the mark and another to work out a system of self-rationalization and denial to ensure you come nowhere near the mark. And this is it in spades.

He doesn't even need the yes-men who "extract" the "facts" from the news articles. He's his own built-in yes-man.

"He's his own built in yes-man." That one is right up there with Hightower's description of G.W., "He was born on third base but he thought he had hit a triple."

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