Saturday, May 08, 2004


Rumsfeld Refuses to Fall Gracefully

CBS said it withheld broadcasting the images for more than week at the request of Gen. Richard Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a development that led the senators to further accuse the Defense Department of trying to censor the news.
Rumsfeld whines “Everyone knew it. CNN was there asking questions.”
This tells me that CNN minds even better than CBS

Mr. Bush pledged that his defense secretary would not be ousted, even as he acknowledged that he had chastised Mr. Rumsfeld 24 hours earlier for his failure to inform him about graphic photographs showing the American abuse of Iraqi captives.
So everyone but the the President, right Donnie?

Here's all I found in the archives of the Department of Defense News for 16 Jan 04

01/16/2004: Bremer Says Sovereignty Handover Should Happen on Schedule

01/16/2004: Rotation to Provide Right Mix of Forces

01/16/2004: Sanchez Urges Saddam Loyalists to Lay Down Arms

01/16/2004: 101st Airborne Division Starts to Head Home

01/16/2004: Rebuilt Afghan School Brightens Youths' Future

01/16/2004: Myers Praises Australian Efforts in War on Terror
Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place. I'm sure it's someplace really obvious. I must be so stupid not to have picked up on it back in January when it was anounced to the media.

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