Monday, May 03, 2004

Raymond Green in Mens News Daily

Ted Koppel read the names of the more than 500 fallen soldiers in Iraq on ABC’s “Nightline” and the Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. decided to preempt the broadcast on its stations which air ABC programming. Sinclair stated the preemption was intended to prevent ABC from aggrandizing what it thought to be an antiwar movement and issued a statement on its website explaining the motive behind the decision.

We know where Sinclair stands on the war and the motive behind their decision. As for ABC, that is another story.

Koppel has also denied that his broadcast was intended to encourage antiwar sentiment. He has, however, admitted the broadcast was inspired by an issue of Life magazine in June of 1969 that contained two pages of pictures of the men who died over the course of a week in Vietnam that “had an enormous impact.”

Sinclair is accused of influencing the news while CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times and nearly every other media outlet skew what people hear and read on a daily basis. A bipartisan group returned from Iraq about 6 months ago stating that the coverage of the situation in Iraq was far better than what we were being told by the media.

Things must have gotten a hell of a lot worse in 6 months, but I guess you don't believe what you see on the news

I believe that the motives of Sinclair are more sincere than Koppel’s ridiculous attempt to portray objectivity, and the decision by Sinclair makes far more sense than the same media distorting every other issue cares to acknowledge.

Sinclair is not influencing the news, you moron, it's CENSORING it!! Could you not have decided to change the fucking channel on your own? Do you need Daddy to put a lock on the TV so you won't accidently see something he thinks you shouldn't? An American, any Patriotic Flag Loving, True American would be outraged at this inexcusable theft of freedom!
Sinclair states;

Before you judge our decision, however, we would ask that you first question Mr. Koppel as to why he chose to read the names of the 523 troops killed in combat in Iraq, rather than the names of the thousands of private citizens killed in terrorists attacks since and including the events of September 11, 2001.

On September 11, 2002, ABC broadcast the names of all those killed on that horrible day. You are a total dildo Raymond Green, a dildo up Sinclair Broadcasting Groups ass.

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