Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Sunday's Daily Oklahoman reported that Bush leads Kerry by 19 percentage points in Oklahoma.
More than two-thirds supported amending the state constitution to recognize marriage as being only between a man and a woman. A large majority of those polled also would vote for a lottery in hopes that it would support the economy that the Bush administration has damn near bankrupted.
For the last three weeks, up to Saturday, my phone rang every night around 8 and the caller ID said "out of area" from an 888 #. I never answered and no messege was left.
My theory is that the only people that were polled were people that don't have caller ID. People like my mother. People that have had a few too many by 8 o'clock and "you're damn right" they're gonna vote for Bush. I'm sure those pollsters got an earfull. "If you don't vote for Bush there'll be queers havin' sex on your front porch! Not a thing you can do about it. Not a thing.....nothin.

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