Monday, January 31, 2005

Got e-mail from my uncle, respectfully replied;

I can't imagine anyone confusing the president with our military members. This seems like a hateful piece of fiction to me. Suggesting that anyone that opposes the war or disagrees with Bush would also call our soldiers "baby killers" is really heinous, don't you think?
Since she couldn't even get the manager of the restaurant to verify her story, I'm thinking it was just a mean little fantasy she had.

and sent the story on it to him and everyone he sent it to.

Got this reply from someone on his list that I don't know;
Thank you for the info on this item. I've seen it before but have been too lazy to check it out. As a 25 yr AF veteran (medical) I opposed the Iraq invasion from the start and concur with Donna's statment.

Saxonburg, PA

Made me feel good so I thought I'd share. So much nicer than being called names.

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