Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The only U.S. Senator with balls is named Barbara.
When not a single other senator would dare to object to an unfair Presidential Election in 2004, Barbara Boxer stood and objected, joining 31 Democratic members of the House of Representatives.

Well, at least one person stood up and said that the people of the United States deserve to be certain that their vote is being counted. There is no reason why we should not have a paper record of our votes. All of us. The only reason anyone would object to this is that it will make it harder to commit fraud. If your state does not have a paper record of your vote then you should find out why.


  1. Anonymous5:06 PM

    this is Mary from Knock-knock, not anymouse. It takes a woman to stand up. I do think Rep. Conyers deserves our praise, as well. Between the two of them, maybe we have made some inroad. We sure don't have a paper trail down here in Florida. I worked the election and it was a farce. Our whole election system must be reworked to a) make it a constitutional ammendment to a right to vote and b) make voting the same across the country and auditable. All for tonight. Good post. Thanks.

  2. It seems insane to me. They don't even bother to give an explanation why a paper trail is not available. Just "trust us". Bullshit. Everyone needs to send their reps e-mail, snail mail, phone calls, whatever, at least every other week and demand that they get to vote on paper. We have the paper ballots where you complete the arrow with a black marker. I have never heard of any problems with them.