Thursday, January 20, 2005

New Christian Movement encourages male motorcycle riding and crying a lot. Well, I guess the idea is to imagine yourself a hero and your partner a damsel in distress. That alone would get pretty damn annoying, for the damsel, but they recommend emulating the Brad Pitt character in the movie "Legends of the Fall". Dude, I don't care how good looking you are, if you (a) let me get murdered or (b) cry fuckin constantly, I'm dumping your pansy ass. I laughed through most of that movie because it was so bad (my daughter was 13 and she got so mad at me at first because she was sitting there bawling but, by the eighth time he started crying, she was laughing too). I know a lot of people love it, I'm sorry if you are one of them but please, did he have to cry in every other scene? It was like they really couldn't come up with any dialog, it was too pathetic. "Wild at Heart"? Sounds like 'really annoying crybaby' to me.
So a lot of these guys won't have far to go to achieve it.

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  1. Anonymous7:07 PM

    Mary from Knock-knock here: Brad Pitt just doesn't do anything for me anyway - don't cry Brad, there are others.