Thursday, January 13, 2005

Remember back in 2003 when Ernest (R-OK) Istook saw an ad that said "Enjoy better sex! Legalize and tax marijuana" in the Metro?
His response was to push legislation that stripped $92,500 in federal appropriations from the Metro "as a warning to other transit agencies."

"I must assure [sic] that [the Metro] will learn the proper lessons from this experience and will only accept appropriate ads in the future," Istook cautioned.

Then he author's legislation stripping away 1st amendment rights from all Americans. So of course it went to court. Instead of worrying about "frivolous" lawsuits I think g.w. might want to get hold of this frivolous legislation that's been going on since boy blunder came to town. How much time and money was wasted before a Federal Judge told Istook last June that "The government has articulated no legitimate state interest in the suppression of this particular speech other than the fact that it disapproves of the message, an illegitimate and constitutionally impermissible reason."
I think all the elected representatives should have to take Government 101 during their 1st session. That includes boy blunder. (I like that, it rolls off the fingers and the tongue, boy blunder) How much money would have been saved if he had not signed legislation that said if I was 21 weeks pregnant and the baby died I could not have a D and C but would have to suffer labor and delivery of a stillborn or have a hysterectomy. Clinton had vetoed the same Republican sponsored bill twice. What the fuck is up with that anyway? Do they honest to God think women suffer an abortion for sport? Do these people have mother's, sister's, wives? Do they believe there is some alien group of women with no conscious, having abortions so they can fit into their cloths?
Frivolous Legislation.

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