Wednesday, January 05, 2005

So Republicans were all for changing the ethics rules to save Tom Delay's ass unless... they actually had to vote, in public, on record where all their constituents could see what rats they are. Bend over Tom. Yeah, yeah, I know, it was at your urging that they dropped it. Right. Go sit with Istook.
220 is our unlucky # folks. Now no one will ever be investigated for anything. The new rule will "require a majority vote of the 10-member ethics committee, or agreement by the chairman and the ranking minority member, before a complaint against a House member could be investigated."
Rep. Joel Hefley, R-Colo., who presided over Delays admonishment last year had this to say, "It's a bad mistake," and "I assume that I'm going to get booted".
Hey, maybe Istook has some cards or something. Here comes your 4th.
Rep. Christopher Shays of Connecticut sacrificed his rear end by saying, "I think we've lost our minds. The power has gotten into our heads in a way that we're not thinking clearly."
But Delay (who I'm sure has better things in store) used the old 'water is not wet. it's dry.' and that's that. He said, "We didn't weaken the rules; we strengthened the rules,". And that's that.

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