Tuesday, April 13, 2004


I wasn't paying as much attention to things in '93 as I am now so, I find this bit of history very interesting.
It's a story in the Washington Post about Clinton responding to Iraq's attempt to assassinate George Bush Sr.

Clinton, speaking in a televised address to the nation at 7:40 last night, said he ordered the attack to send three messages to the Iraqi leadership: "We will combat terrorism. We will deter aggression. We will protect our people."

Seems like swatting flies worked pretty well. Dubya should have tried it before he said he was tired of it.
Today, I find this most interesting;

Aides met with Clinton Wednesday in the White House residence to present a summary of the evidence gathered by FBI and intelligence sources, the official said. On Thursday, Attorney General Janet Reno and CIA Director R. James Woolsey presented the president with their formal reports.

Walls Ashcroft? The only fucking walls are the ones in your brain that prevent you from seeing that you are not omnipotent.

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