Friday, April 23, 2004

____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Something About Mary...

"Here is ... why a law-abiding gun owner would purchase one of these [semiautomatic] firearms ... This person's name is Mary ... and she happens to use a Colt AR-15. It is a semiautomatic that uses a 20 round-clip. That is what she hunts her deer with. That is what she kills her deer with. So she ... wrote us and sent us a picture saying: Look, what the semiauto ban of 1994 does it eliminates this kind of firearm, and, in essence, it eliminates the ability of a smaller person to go out into the brush to hunt deer and to recreate in that fashion."

-- Sen. Larry Craig, from remarks made on the Senate floor, March 1, 2004

I take it Mary doesn't eat the deer she sprays with ammo. Cooking is probably not one of the fashions in which she likes to recreate.

Y'all go sign the petition to renew the ban on assault weapons, there's not much time left.

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