Tuesday, April 27, 2004


It's Official. Oklahoma State Reps Absurdly Homophobic

Only one person in a same-sex couple would be recognized as a true parent of an adopted Oklahoma child under a bill approved Monday by the Oklahoma House.

Rep. Susan Winchester, R-Chickasha, wrote the bill. She said the measure is a response to Attorney General Drew Edmondson's March opinion that required the state to recognize adoptions in other states -- regardless of who the parents are.

Winchester said Monday that the bill would help persuade same-sex couples not to adopt Oklahoma children and would encourage children to be kept in traditional family homes.

House members voted 93-4 to approve the bill.

93 to freakin 4! What a bunch of hypocritical Hatemongerers. Do any of you see that you are saying children would be better off orphans than in a loving, caring home headed by people that are different from you!!? I could just cry. I can't believe you people are so-o-o-o afraid (of God knows what) that you prefer Foster Care to same sex adoption.

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