Tuesday, April 20, 2004

With two different polls reporting today that preznit is regaining his lead against Kerry, my utter perplexity led to me to search for an answer to the question, "What fucking planet are you people on?"
My search led me to a guy on our planet that was asking similar questions and had found one possible answer,

Lowering the Bar

As I sat and watched the presser Tuesday night I prayed that my predisposed suspicion of anything escaping the president's lips wasn't what produced my sense of stupified awe towards his prime-time blundering, that the rest of America was duly disappointed in our fearless leader's performance. But according to various experts in semiotics, his rhetorical tactics were, thanks to the majority of Americans possessing a level of intelligence comparable to that of the president, most likely effective:

''Semiotics works through the unsaid, the assumed, the associations the listener brings to an image,'' says Thomas Streeter, a sociologist and semiotics expert at the University of Vermont.

'He presented images building the association of Iraq with World War II, the so-called `Good War,' in which American were liberators, men dying for a great cause,'' Streeter said. ``If he can put that across, it supports his point of view.''

''It was effective,'' agreed Marshall Blonsky, a professor of semiotics at the New School University's Parsons School of Design in New York. ``And it speaks volumes about the stupidity of the American public.''

Matthew Langer

I suggest that all Democrats running for office enroll in Semiotics 101 and start dumbing down immediately.

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