Friday, April 16, 2004

____________________________________________________________________________________________________OKLAHOMA BREEDERS SAY THEY`LL HOLD COCKFIGHT
Thursday, April 15, 2004

The Oklahoma Supreme Court recently upheld the state ban on cockfighting, but that`s not stopping one man from trying to organize one in Cotton County this Saturday. Mike Turner says his cockfight will be legal beause it`s on Inidan tribal land. An Iowa Park breeder has also told us he plans to stage fights on tribal land.

But Comanche Tribal Police Chief Ray Anderson told NewsCenter 3 that such a cockfight would be illegal, whether it`s tribal, state or federal law. He says the location in Cotton County, where he has heard the fight will take place, is not tribal land, and he says he will probably have officers in the area to make sure it`s not held on tribal land.

There are people (some I know personally) that spend their days organizing resistance to the ban on cockfighting.
It's too much. It blows my mind.

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